Mandaue Public Market

 Mandaue Public Market Cebu, Philippines

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Rice Isle and area.. Many types of Rice
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Water Melon.. Orange.. Apples. Mangos Oils, Sauces, different Ingredients
2012-06-01_9144.JPG (605151 bytes) 2012-06-01_9145.JPG (560076 bytes)
Having Lunch Eggs Isle and area
2012-06-01_9146.JPG (619004 bytes) 2012-06-01_9147.JPG (565289 bytes)
Sugar Vendor
2012-06-01_9148.JPG (592968 bytes) 2012-06-01_9149.JPG (604204 bytes)
Pots and Pans Cabbages
2012-06-01_9150.JPG (553418 bytes) 2012-06-01_9151.JPG (584440 bytes)
Onions, Ginger and Carrots Some work, some rest
2012-06-01_9152.JPG (568825 bytes) 2012-06-01_9153.JPG (543948 bytes)
Red Roses Carrots
2012-06-01_9154.JPG (597090 bytes) 2012-06-01_9156.JPG (586437 bytes)
2012-06-01_9157.JPG (573458 bytes) 2012-06-01_9159.JPG (583780 bytes)
Banana Bloom
2012-06-01_9160.JPG (559239 bytes) 2012-06-01_9161.JPG (553839 bytes)
All my favorites.. Yummy Vegetables
2012-06-01_9162.JPG (581119 bytes) 2012-06-01_9163.JPG (598530 bytes)
Green Mangos Hungry... Lets Eat now.
2012-06-01_9164.JPG (560127 bytes) 2012-06-01_9165.JPG (568825 bytes)
Sweet Mangos Bananas
2012-06-01_9166.JPG (622212 bytes) 2012-06-01_9167.JPG (541177 bytes)
Coconuts Oils and Onions
2012-06-01_9168.JPG (632365 bytes) 2012-06-01_9169.JPG (606809 bytes)
Cloths Area Phone Batteries.
2012-06-01_9170.JPG (632784 bytes) 2012-06-01_9171.JPG (622318 bytes)
Phone Batteries. More styles than ever saw.. Even large MyPhone Battery
2012-06-01_9172.JPG (595878 bytes) 2012-06-01_9173.JPG (528627 bytes)
Dockds at back and Pier Six and Cebu Doctors University in the Background
2012-06-01_9174.JPG (567699 bytes) 2012-06-01_9175.JPG (577682 bytes)
Kids Playing on the Docks
2012-06-01_9176.JPG (567203 bytes) 2012-06-01_9177.JPG (582300 bytes)
Kids Playing on the Docks.. Everyone wants in the Photo. :)
2012-06-01_9178.JPG (624315 bytes) 2012-06-01_9179.JPG (611014 bytes)
Everyone wants in the Photo. :) Lemons (Key West Lime)
2012-06-01_9180.JPG (559584 bytes) 2012-06-01_9181.JPG (536439 bytes)
Fish and Meats in back.. "That Smell" Coconut Oil for cooking
2012-06-01_9182.JPG (540434 bytes) 2012-06-01_9183.JPG (616085 bytes)
Barbeque Sauce Baugio Beans
2012-06-01_9185.JPG (625936 bytes) 2012-06-01_9186.JPG (586773 bytes)
Chopping Vegetables Oils and Barbeque Sauce
2012-06-01_9187.JPG (584420 bytes) 2012-06-01_9188.JPG (554106 bytes)
Rice and Pancit Chop Chop.. ??
2012-06-01_9189.JPG (582235 bytes) 2012-06-01_9190.JPG (561885 bytes)
Malongay Onions
2012-06-01_9191.JPG (562702 bytes) 2012-06-01_9192.JPG (603420 bytes)
Noodles and Onions Fine chopped Cabbage and Carrots
2012-06-01_9193.JPG (624690 bytes) 2012-06-01_9194.JPG (610148 bytes)
Sari-sari cut vegetables Onions Tomatoes and Peppers
2012-06-01_9195.JPG (569239 bytes) 2012-06-01_9196.JPG (583370 bytes)
Onions, Carrots, Lemons and Peppers Onions Squash and Peppers
2012-06-01_9197.JPG (625592 bytes) 2012-06-01_9199.JPG (626264 bytes)
Sayote Tomatoes and Peppers
2012-06-01_9200.JPG (552696 bytes) 2012-06-01_9201.JPG (608325 bytes)
Mngos and Peppers Mangos and Pine Apple
2012-06-01_9202.JPG (552677 bytes) 2012-06-01_9203.JPG (592584 bytes)
Okra and Cabbage Sugar Eggs and Oil
2012-06-01_9205.JPG (590103 bytes) 2012-06-01_9206.JPG (552618 bytes)
Mangos and Bananas Tricycle ride to Immigration



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I was just here yesterday. This is heaven. I'd kill to have a place like this in the states.
Hugo | | Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 01:12:12 AM PST

Checking to be sure this new comments book works right
Admin | Cebu City, Cebu Island, Philippines
Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 09:48:04 PM PST

Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 09:15:23 PM PST



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