Consolacion Municipality

Consolacion, Northern Cebu, Philippines

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Entering the municipality of Consolacion. .... Downtown consolacion.

Consolacion Sports Complex.

San Naciso Cathedral.

San Narciso Cathedral along the

highway going to Liloan, Cebu.

Our Trip through Consalacion 7 Nov 2009
2009_11_07_2716.JPG (611243 bytes) ..... 2009_11_07_2717.JPG (577141 bytes)
Consolacion Sports Complex Downtown Consolacion
2009_11_07_2718.JPG (624639 bytes) 2009_11_07_2719.JPG (605007 bytes)
Crossover Health Club and some mini restaurant in this Bldg
2009_11_07_2720.JPG (601123 bytes) 2009_11_07_2721.JPG (554062 bytes)
Downtown Consolacion.
2009_11_07_2722.JPG (601441 bytes) 2009_11_07_2723.JPG (559072 bytes)
Downtown Consolacion.
2009_11_07_2724.JPG (616006 bytes) 2009_11_07_2725.JPG (517559 bytes)
Downtown with the Jollibee in SM City
2009_11_07_2726.JPG (557950 bytes) 2009_11_07_2727.JPG (618268 bytes)
National Hwy going to Compostela
2009_11_07_2728.JPG (602024 bytes) 2009_11_07_2729.JPG (600239 bytes)
National Hwy going to Compostela
2009_11_07_2730.JPG (574272 bytes) 2009_11_07_2731.JPG (573093 bytes)
National Hwy going to Compostela and vehicles along the Hwy.
2009_11_07_2732.JPG (578785 bytes) 2009_11_07_2733.JPG (594382 bytes)
National Hwy La Consolacion College
2009_11_07_2734.JPG (534882 bytes) 2009_11_07_2736.JPG (578550 bytes)
Jeepney on the National Road Leaving Compostela


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