Carcar Municipality

Carcar, Southern Cebu, Philippines


DPWH Cebu 2nd District Engineering


 between Carcar and Barili.

Barangay Chapel.

Beautiful road with Trees in both sides of the road.

Good road going to Argao next Municipality.

Road going to downtown Carcar, Cebu.

Downtown Carcar.

Carcar Gaisano Mall.

Barangay Road.

Carcar Vicinity Map.

Buying Fireworks for the New Year.

Circle in Downtown Carcar.

Motorcycles and others in

the busy Town of Carcar.

Tourist Stop Information.

Circle in the middle of the road in downtown Carcar.

Vendors in the Circle of Carcar.

Downtown Carcar, Cebu.

Young coconut Husks.

Downtown Carcar.

Beautiful Mountain in Carcar

going to Argao next Municipality.


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