Compostela Municipality

Compostela, Cebu, Philippines

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Entering the Municipality of Compostela, Northern Cebu. .... Compostela Public Market.

Municipal Building

of Compostela, Cebu.

National Highway Beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Swimming on

the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean. Downtown Compostela.

Going swimming after New Year.

Danao City Beach Entrance

Our Trip through Compostela 07 November 2009
2009_11_07_2788.JPG (611530 bytes) 2009_11_07_2789.JPG (584585 bytes)
Road going up to the mountains Road going up to the mountains 14 KM to the Mountain
2009_11_07_2790.JPG (579183 bytes) 2009_11_07_2791.JPG (611373 bytes)
Road going up to the mountains 
2009_11_07_2792.JPG (589740 bytes) 2009_11_07_2793.JPG (601608 bytes)
Power Transfer Station Road going up to the mountains 
2009_11_07_2794.JPG (569079 bytes) 2009_11_07_2795.JPG (575633 bytes)
Road going up to the mountains  Provincial Environment & Natural Resources Office Compostela
2009_11_07_2796.JPG (578888 bytes) 2009_11_07_2797.JPG (550315 bytes)
Trucks at the Dirt Quarry
2009_11_07_2798.JPG (557142 bytes) 2009_11_07_2799.JPG (589121 bytes)
Small Chapel up in the mountain
2009_11_07_2800.JPG (590727 bytes) 2009_11_07_2801.JPG (575108 bytes)
Lupa Elementary School 4 KM straight ahead Small Banana Trees along the Road
2009_11_07_2802.JPG (618525 bytes) 2009_11_07_2803.JPG (613872 bytes)
Long rough Road 14 KM to the Layson Property
2009_11_07_2804.JPG (569108 bytes) 2009_11_07_2805.JPG (609608 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2806.JPG (569851 bytes) 2009_11_07_2807.JPG (596191 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2808.JPG (592140 bytes) 2009_11_07_2809.JPG (591273 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2810.JPG (575702 bytes) 2009_11_07_2811.JPG (593303 bytes)
People's Houses along the road going up.
2009_11_07_2812.JPG (613733 bytes) 2009_11_07_2813.JPG (586246 bytes)
Beautiful mountain up there.
2009_11_07_2814.JPG (593598 bytes) 2009_11_07_2815.JPG (586752 bytes)
People on the Road
2009_11_07_2816.JPG (559541 bytes) 2009_11_07_2817.JPG (532456 bytes)
Working Deseases.
2009_11_07_2818.JPG (512914 bytes) 2009_11_07_2819.JPG (625455 bytes)
2009_11_07_2820.JPG (608357 bytes) 2009_11_07_2821.JPG (569215 bytes)
Farm and Load Trikes Hauling people and Cargo
2009_11_07_2822.JPG (567044 bytes) 2009_11_07_2823.JPG (600468 bytes)
Farm and Load Trikes Hauling people and Cargo and a Cow watching..
2009_11_07_2824.JPG (588309 bytes) 2009_11_07_2825.JPG (607164 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2826.JPG (563943 bytes) 2009_11_07_2827.JPG (556922 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2828.JPG (597822 bytes) 2009_11_07_2829.JPG (615550 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2830.JPG (567885 bytes) 2009_11_07_2831.JPG (580846 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2832.JPG (564825 bytes) 2009_11_07_2833.JPG (558824 bytes)
Finally getting inti the top of Brgy.
2009_11_07_2834.JPG (547987 bytes) 2009_11_07_2835.JPG (602361 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2836.JPG (594372 bytes) 2009_11_07_2837.JPG (553299 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2838.JPG (550473 bytes) 2009_11_07_2839.JPG (582370 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2840.JPG (606317 bytes) 2009_11_07_2841.JPG (577135 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2842.JPG (557587 bytes) 2009_11_07_2843.JPG (595341 bytes)
Bridge Hard to get across.
2009_11_07_2844.JPG (561886 bytes) 2009_11_07_2845.JPG (598779 bytes)
Rough Bridge at the End
2009_11_07_2846.JPG (616943 bytes) 2009_11_07_2847.JPG (578738 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2848.JPG (638361 bytes) 2009_11_07_2849.JPG (619136 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2850.JPG (572735 bytes) 2009_11_07_2851.JPG (587338 bytes)
Farming along the Road
2009_11_07_2852.JPG (594639 bytes) 2009_11_07_2853.JPG (600541 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2854.JPG (604007 bytes) 2009_11_07_2855.JPG (565201 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2856.JPG (625849 bytes) 2009_11_07_2857.JPG (570466 bytes)
Kid on the waithing shed on the way up the mountain. She's sleeping must be tired.. :)
2009_11_07_2858.JPG (587004 bytes) 2009_11_07_2859.JPG (585366 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2860.JPG (619215 bytes) 2009_11_07_2861.JPG (569769 bytes)
House along the Road and their Firewood. Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2862.JPG (588793 bytes) 2009_11_07_2863.JPG (580665 bytes)
Up and Up and Up..
2009_11_07_2864.JPG (610451 bytes) 2009_11_07_2865.JPG (602644 bytes)
People's House on the way up the mountain
2009_11_07_2866.JPG (597769 bytes) 2009_11_07_2867.JPG (621311 bytes)
Farms they grow eggplants and camotes mostly and made alot of charcoal.
2009_11_07_2868.JPG (616341 bytes) 2009_11_07_2869.JPG (607673 bytes)
Layson Family Property
2009_11_07_2870.JPG (568864 bytes) 2009_11_07_2871.JPG (580560 bytes)
Layson Family Property
2009_11_07_2875.JPG (605553 bytes) 2009_11_07_2876.JPG (567599 bytes)
Picking Papaya Fruit. The Layson Family
2009_11_07_2877.JPG (622941 bytes) 2009_11_07_2883.JPG (614094 bytes)
Chicken The Layson Family
2009_11_07_2890.JPG (569447 bytes) 2009_11_07_2891.JPG (576779 bytes)
Future Lechon in the Piggery.
2009_11_07_2892.JPG (605913 bytes) 2009_11_07_2893.JPG (626790 bytes)
Future Lechon in the Piggery.
2009_11_07_2894.JPG (572153 bytes) 2009_11_07_2895.JPG (616112 bytes)
Checking the Fruit.
2009_11_07_2899.JPG (608529 bytes) 2009_11_07_2901.JPG (609889 bytes)
Digging a hole for the trolly post for the cable across the revine to haul charcoal
2009_11_07_2902.JPG (585522 bytes) 2009_11_08_2915.JPG (560973 bytes)
Across the mountain the charcoal ovens Back in the Compostela City.


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Emmanuel | | Seattle, WA | Seattle, Wa
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 12:36:31 PM PST

May I correct these... it is not pacific ocean.... it is camotes sea! if you'll review the map, you'll find cebu province, where compostela is a component town, to be situated at the center of the philippine geography... anyways, thank you for posting those images of my hometown... lovely!!!
dindox | | compostela, cebu
Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 07:31:54 PM PST

I'm so shock looking at the public market theres no improvement at all, especially the municipality. i think danao or liloan is much better development
cherryl saint pierre | | 6622 ovington court
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 03:42:40 PM PST

COMPOSTELA! Namesake of my own neighboring town in Compostela Valley Province in Davao. It is 12kms going East inland from the Maharlika National Highway, 12kms going South to Nabunturan and 18kms going North to Monkayo.. Does anyone have been to these places in Mindanao?
jhoy maniwang | montevista,compostela valley
Thursday, September 02, 2010 at 10:54:51 PM PST

nice pics, but expected some more. i have some pictures, can i add them? been in Compostela so many times already, have my own lot there. people are great and kind, and helpful. there are a few fine resorts as well, low prices. good for backpackers and townvistors. i go back there in july 2010. then they have townfiesta, starting july 16.
erik de jonge | | netherlands
Friday, November 27, 2009 at 02:25:41 AM PST

Change the spelling to Compostela..
Esther Leyson| Compostela
Friday, November 06, 2009 at 06:52:10 AM PST

Wow! this is great and the way it should be except where's the maps on this magnificent page?
Jeffery Davis | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 09:15:23 PM PST


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