Boljoon Municipality

 Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines


Entering the Municipality of Boljoon.


Houses built along the road.

Good road going to Downtown Boljo-on.

Celebrating their Fiesta.

Here is where you turn going to the Ferry 

Municipal Map Boljo-on, Cebu.

Smooth road straight

and facing to the Ocean.

Entering Downtown.

National Highway along the Pacific Ocean.

Discover Boljo-on.

Big Church along the highway.

Church of Patrocinio de Maria in

Boljoon built on June 23 1599.

The church of of Patrocinio de Maria in Boljo-on is the  relatively 

oldest remaining original stone church in Cebu and is


History of the church, you will

 see this outside of the church.

Side view of the church.

Bell Tower.

Back gate from the church.

Come again sign.

 Small boat in the Pacific Ocean.

That's the road alongside of the Mountain.

3 angels in the entrance gate of the church.


Downtown Boljo-on going

to Oslob , Cebu next Municipality.

Boljo-on Public Market they are

selling different kinds of crops.

Public Market.

Man with his Water Buffalo.

Oslob National High School Extension.

Beautiful Pacific Ocean.


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