Badian Municipality

Badian, Southern Cebu, Philippines

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Phil with the


Cactus behind.

Badian Central School with the

students waiting outside.

Badian National High School. Students outside the school.
Downtown Badian straight to Moalboal next Municipality. Badian Vicinity Map.
Kids working Tricycles in a line to get Passengers.

Busy place of downtwon

Badian, Cebu.

Welcome sign to the visitors for their incoming fiesta. Right is going to their Business District.
Our Trip through Badian 26 May 2012
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Badian Police Station  Badian Arc and it says Viva Pit Senoir
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Badian Central School
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Badian National High School.
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Habal-Habal and a Pedicab in Badian
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Habal-Habal and a Pedicab in Badian
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Cars and Trikes and motorbikes in Downtown near the Market
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Cars and Trikes and motorbikes in Downtown near the Market
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Leaving Badian Bridge under construction in Badian
2012_05_25_7094.JPG (560724 bytes)
Looks like a Cock fight to me.


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