Asturias, Cebu

Asturias, Cebu, Philippines

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Our Trip to Asturias Saturday 9 May 2012
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Road Going into Asturias from Balamban 1 hour 10 minutes from Mabolo
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2 KM to Asturias Proper Brgy Plobacion
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Mayor Fabian G Aguanto Asturias Central School
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8.2 KM from Balamban Cebu Road Asturias Public Market
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Asturias Proper
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Asturias Proper
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Maghalin Park and Playground Asturias Municipal Hall
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Maghalin Park and Playground San Roque Church
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Asturias Public Market Asturias Public Market
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Asturias Public Market Vice Mayer 86-95
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Oceanfront along the Hwy in Asturias
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Basallo Store
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Brgy Looc Hall Home of Tatay Entong
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Road to farm 8.2 KM and Danao City
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Well road is very rough :) more notes
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Brgy Market
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Tatay Entong owner Hauling lots of Charcoal from the Land
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Land and road
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2012-06-09_9291.JPG (563257 bytes) 2012-06-09_9292.JPG (600550 bytes)
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Parales, Naldo, Phil and tay;s son
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Land Y in rough road 2.1 KM from Land
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2.1 KM Boundaries
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2012-06-09_9303.JPG (600758 bytes) 2012-06-09_9304.JPG (464537 bytes)
2012-06-09_9305.JPG (492724 bytes) 2012-06-09_9306.JPG (615142 bytes)
2012-06-09_9307.JPG (615508 bytes) 2012-06-09_parales.JPG (121883 bytes)
2012-06-09_parales 4.JPG (174767 bytes) 2012-06-09_parales 5.JPG (186528 bytes)
2012-06-09_parales2.JPG (113642 bytes) 2012-06-12_boundaries.JPG (176264 bytes)
2012-06-09_parales3.JPG (74229 bytes) 2012-06-09_9313.JPG (555317 bytes)
Ariel view of  Land users homes Cute serious little boy onlong the Hwy in San Roque
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San Roque Elementary School
2012-06-09_9315.JPG (616405 bytes) 2012-06-09_9316.JPG (617099 bytes)
Brgy San Roque Brgy Tubigagmanok
2012-06-09_9317.JPG (579638 bytes) 2012-06-09_9318.JPG (584366 bytes)
Brgy Tubigagmanok Brgy Tubigagmanok Elementary School
2012-06-09_9319.JPG (603762 bytes) 2012-06-09_9320.JPG (571099 bytes)
Tubigagmanok Elementary School Tubigagmanokool
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Pretty girl waving in Tubigagmanok going to Brgy Sta. Lucia. Late Saturday afternoon
2012-06-09_9323.JPG (579024 bytes) 2012-06-09_9324.JPG (581825 bytes)
Brgy Sta. Lucia
2012-06-09_9325.JPG (604384 bytes)
Brgy Sta. Lucia bridge going into Tuboran Cebu
2012-06-09_9326.JPG (621312 bytes) .... 2012-06-09_9327.JPG (609489 bytes)
Lunas Elementry School District of Asturias
2012-06-09_9328.JPG (596417 bytes) 2012-06-09_9329.JPG (605310 bytes)
Perfect Bamboo House and sells Ice Water and Ice
2012-06-09_9330.JPG (592454 bytes)
Screens and Curtains. Built Perfect




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